Neo Couture by Natasha Pavluchenko

Neo Couture by NATASHA PAVLUCHENKO is an original world brand present on the market since 2005. It is clearly distinguished by a high quality of materials and execution, as well as caring for every detail and interesting cut evident in each design.

Neo Couture by NATASHA PAVLUCHENKO is a brand for women who value first of all an individual style, unique cut and top quality material.
The offer is significantly diversified, and so the clothes are appropriate both for more mature women and for teenagers. Apart from evening dresses for special occasions (as the one worn by Ewa Puszczyńska, producer of ‘Ida”, during the Oscar gala), the offer also comprises casual style clothing, accessories, and even lingerie. The only things that remain unchanged are the premium material quality and unmistakable finish precision.

Neo Couture by NATASHA PAVLUCHENKO is a modern brand, which gives priority to caring for each individual Customer and to meeting the Customer’s expectations. The original brand boutiques offer the sale of ready clothes, but they also offer the possibility of placing an order for a tailor-made model and use a comprehensive stylization service. NATASHA PAVLUCHENKO boutiques offer a magical combination of design workshops and gallery. They are places where in a cosy atmosphere one can experience beautiful and exquisitely designed collections, absorbing only the very best from the world of design.